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Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil

200 ml

Pure essential oils are used to infuse this olive oil with savory notes of smoky olive wood, which has a flavor similar to oak. Use this to evoke a grilled or smoked flavor in dishes such as grilled fish or other meats, vegetables or sauces.

Try your hand at a DIY BBQ sauce, drizzle it over soup, potato salad or even pasta. It makes a fantastic pork chop marinade when paired with our red cherry balsamic.

Balsamic pairing suggestions: Red cherry, pomegranate, Neapolitan herb, Sicilian lemon. 


  • Smoked Olive Wood & Cherry Pork Marinade
  • Smoky Corn & Zucchini Pancakes with Anaheim Peppers and White Cheddar Cheese

 Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Flavors

 All Natural. No artificial flavors or additional ingredients.