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Thank you for choosing Sigona’s! The holidays are a busy time for our small business, so for orders totaling more than $500, we may call you to discuss a modified fulfillment schedule. Please feel free to call 650-368-6993 with any questions.

Southern Hemisphere Olive Oils

New, 2023 Northern Hemisphere oils are expected to be available by December 1st. 

We purchase extraordinary examples of fresh, cold-pressed olive oils from around the world, following the seasons, to ensure we have the freshest, healthiest oils available. How do we know they're the best? We're produce experts, and olives are fruit! Just as with other fresh produce, olives have seasons. Olives grown in the Southern Hemisphere are harvested and pressed around May.

Sigona’s believes when it comes to high quality olive oil, fresher is always better!
That's why we call it Sigona's Fresh Press.